Dr.Vivian Liang Naturopathic doctor,


Informed & Empowered Medicine

My Approach

Advocate. Reflective. Knowledgeable.

My goal as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist is to help my patients navigate the world of supportive cancer care in the realm of natural medicine. I strongly believe in empowering my patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. My practice philosophy is based on providing evidence-informed care and I always encourage discussions in my visits. I help my patients make informed decisions about their health. I strongly believe in empowering individuals with high-quality evidence to support their cancer treatment by optimizing quality of life, minimizing side effects from conventional treatment, increase overall survival, and prolong disease-free survival. I encourage all my patients to communicate with their healthcare team in order to receive best all around care. 

Clinical Focuses

Integrative Cancer Care

My program aims to provide evidence-informed care for individuals undergoing conventional treatment to improve quality of life and reduce side effects. All recommendations are thoughtfully considered taking into account any herb-drug and nutrient-drug interactions.

Cardiovascular Health

Chronic cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure have been proven to respond to lifestyle and nutritional changes. I help my patients address possible root causes and overcome obstacles related to lifestyle, stress, and nutrition.

Mental Wellness

Emotional and mental wellbeing are aspects of health that are not given enough priority. This includes chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and brain fog. Mental wellness is an important part of overall health and can often cause or perpetuate existing maladies

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